BELA BIZAGO NATURE SL is a company dedicated to the import, export, packaging and distribution of natural ingredients for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and phytosanitary sectors, among others.

BELA VIZAGO NATURE SL aims to provide a good service that meets the expectations and requirements of the customer, placing the utmost importance on the quality, food safety and authenticity of the products it offers. It also maintains a high level of environmental awareness and commitment.

For this reason, the company's management supports and informs its employees and the general public of the following quality, food safety and environmental policy, to which the company is committed:

To offer customers products that are safe and harmless, authentic and of differentiated quality, in compliance with legal requirements, assuming its responsibilities towards its customers.

Motivate and raise awareness among suppliers of raw materials of the need to supply safe, harmless, authentic, quality products that comply with established legal requirements.

To maintain ethical and moral conduct among staff, as well as with customers and suppliers, involving them in improvements to the company.

To ensure total customer satisfaction, meeting deadlines and responding to their needs and requirements, minimising customer complaints in order to become differential suppliers.

To adopt measures to eliminate and, where this is not possible, prevent environmental pollution; to implement the corresponding improvement actions, taking into account all aspects necessary to guarantee environmental protection.

Guarantee compliance with all legislation and regulations on quality, food safety and the environment applicable to our activities, as well as other customer requirements to which the company voluntarily subscribes.

To disseminate and promote a culture of food safety and environmental protection at all levels of the organisation, through the training, awareness and continuous training of our staff in all the activities they carry out, always seeking to ensure the food and environmental safety of our products and services. We will seek to ensure the competence of our employees through the continuous improvement of the food safety culture and the integrated management system.

Systematically and periodically define, review and update compliance with this policy and the associated objectives and targets, as part of the process of continuously improving our quality, environmental and food safety performance. BELA VIZAGO S.L. is committed to the continuous improvement of its quality and food safety policy and, through this document, the management communicates it to its employees, suppliers, customers and the general public.

Molina de Segura 15/02/2024

S.D. Juan Torres




On behalf of BELA VIZAGO NATURE S.L., we would like to thank our suppliers for their cooperation and attention, which enable our company to successfully fulfil the commercial and technical commitments we have made with our customers.

In order to comply with the supplier assessment procedure that our company has implemented in its integrated management system, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 22716:2007 standards, our suppliers will be assessed annually. This assessment will analyse product quality, availability, delivery times and value for money, as well as any incidents that have occurred during the assessment period.

Thank you once again for your continued support.


BELA VIZAGO NATURE S.L., tras la implantación de un sistema de gestión ambiental según la norma UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015, que tiene en cuenta el ciclo de vida de nuestros productos, realiza la siguiente comunicación:

Our company has procedures in place to systematically update applicable legal requirements to ensure compliance.

BELA VIZAGO NATURE S.L. takes into account the inputs and outputs of all environmental processes and procedures and periodically identifies and evaluates the life cycle environmental aspects that may have an impact on the environment and are likely to have an impact on the environment. We take into account both those that are directly generated and those over which the business does not have total control.

Thanks to the environmental operational controls we have put in place, legal compliance is ensured and environmental impacts and aspects are kept under control.

In the event of an environmental accident, the emergency protocols established by our company will be applied.

Audits are planned and carried out to ensure compliance with system requirements.

BELA VIZAGO NATURE SL makes information on environmental performance available to interested parties on request. To make a request, please send an e-mail to info@belavizago.com indicating the environmental data requested and the reason for the request. The company will respond to requests as soon as possible.