Natural and vegan cosmetics have become clear and sustainable alternatives to traditional chemical and synthetic cosmetics and are increasingly in demand. For some time now, there has been a growing trend to use natural and organic beauty products that respect the skin and the environment. Products that bring the beneficial properties of the plants and fruits they come from to our personal care and beauty routines.

Bela Vizago Natural Ingredients, as an international specialist in natural and vegan certified organic raw materials, offers you a wide range of 100% pure and natural ingredients of the highest quality that will surely satisfy your needs and the strictest requirements of natural and organic raw materials for your cosmetic formulations.



Fragrance is perhaps the most intimate and personal element of our beauty routine, the one to which we pay the most detail and attention and which we select with the greatest care. This is because perfume is not just another ornament in our daily lives. The fragrance of a perfume not only announces our arrival or gives a pleasant olfactory sensation to those around us, but also defines the wearer; it sends an unmistakable message of the personality and character of its owner.

The growing social awareness of natural, sustainable personal care that respects our health and the environment means that there is a need for perfumes that combine the fragrance that we like and that defines us, together with the benefits that the natural ingredients they contain bring to our bodies and our environment.

Bela Vizago Natural Ingredients offers perfumers and the perfume industry a wide range of essential oils, floral hydrates, aqueous extracts, oil bases and aromatic resins among other raw materials obtained directly from nature. Natural ingredients of the highest intensity and proven quality, 100% pure and natural, certified organic



Today's consumers are increasingly looking for foods that contribute to their organic wellbeing and health benefits in their daily habits. There is a growing trend towards less processed products that are free of artificial additives. This demand has led the food industry to take on new production and technological challenges in terms of the ingredients used in their manufacturing, stabilisation and improvement in the shelf life of the foods they produce and market.

The incorporation of natural ingredients and active ingredients in the manufacture of processed foods has made it possible to significantly increase the quality of the final product, as they provide the consumer with the benefits of the raw materials and natural ingredients of which they are composed.

Bela Vizago Natural Ingredients facilitates the production and commercial processes of the food industry by providing a wide range of active ingredients and natural ingredients for the manufacture and preservation of its products, together with professional technical advice and a service for prospecting and searching for new ingredients and natural additives.



Medicines are the basis of pharmacology and have been used throughout history for the cure, prevention or diagnosis of human illnesses. Originally, medicines were formulated on the basis of plants, taking advantage of the health benefits provided by the active principles of plants, or a combination of these, and their preparations. Today, the pharmacological branch that uses plants and natural active ingredients as a basis is known as traditional medicine or natural medicine. Natural medicines are widely used, under medical prescription, in today's society to treat conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, constipation, etc. They are also used in preventive treatments.

Bela Vizago Natural Ingredients, as an international specialist in natural ingredients and certified organic vegans, offers a catalogue with more than 5,000 references where you will find the necessary raw materials for the formulation of your natural and traditional medicines with total guarantee and maximum quality.



Agricultural production is one of the activities that has made the greatest commitment to products for the prevention and care of crops that respect the environment and the health of consumers. There is a firm commitment to the use of natural phytosanitary products and ecological phytosanitary products, progressively relegating chemical-synthetic phytosanitary products. Natural plant protection products are made from different elements, always of natural origin: vegetable or mineral, in a pure state or by means of preparations. This new trend in the management of agricultural production has been very well received by consumers who are increasingly aware of the need to take care of their health and their environment, and who transfer this sensitivity to all levels of their consumption and purchasing habits.

Bela Vizago Natural Ingredients supports the development of eco-agriculture by providing raw materials of proven and certified quality that facilitate the development of natural phytosanitary and ecological phytosanitary products to companies specialising in their manufacture.



Pets have become an integral part of most households and this achievement is due to the fact that, in addition to providing companionship and fun, they improve the quality of life of those with whom they live. In general, the company of an animal has a positive impact on both the physical health and the mental and emotional balance of people, increasing their sense of vital well-being. It is essential to pay special attention to the care of these life companions who bring us so much and whose health and well-being depend intriguingly on the people they live with. Nowadays we find a multitude of natural and ecological products that help us to provide them with a balanced diet and healthy hygiene, which guarantee their care in a responsible and sustainable way.

Bela Vizago Natural Ingredients is a reliable strategic partner for manufacturers of food, hygiene and animal care products who rely on high quality, certified natural and organic ingredients as a basis or component of their production.



The livestock and agricultural sectors have been experiencing, over the last decade, a remarkable expansionary cycle of demand. However, this demand goes hand in hand with a greater variety and complexity of markets and consumers. This complexity lies in the greater knowledge that consumers have about the products they buy, which, together with a naturalist or ecological awareness, leads them to require value-added products with higher quality and less impact on the environment. These requirements are covered by ecological, organic or biological livestock farming, which develops a sustainable production system in the rural environment based on animal welfare and the natural care of pastures. Organic livestock farming produces animal-based foodstuffs of the highest health quality and outstanding dietary guarantees.

Bela Vizago Natural Ingredients offers the agricultural sector a wide range of 100% pure and natural products, conventional or certified organic, to help you develop solutions for healthy animal welfare and natural pasture care.



Today's detergents must meet countless requirements to become a purchasing option for the consumer. Apart from fighting dirt and caring for the fabrics or surfaces they act on, they must be efficient and safe for users and the environment. It is required to maintain an optimal balance between cleaning performance and its water, chemical and energy efficiency. To get closer to this balance and to ensure respect for the environment, detergent manufacturers are increasingly relying on natural-based ingredients and actives that guarantee optimal eco-performance and outstanding quality.

These natural and ecological detergents, made from renewable raw materials, contain surfactants obtained from vegetable fats that degrade easily and are less toxic, thus benefiting consumers' health and the environment.

Bela Vizago Natural Ingredients supplies a wide variety of natural and organic vegetable fats, both oils and butters, which are the ideal base for many detergent formulations. We also have an extensive range of ecological essential oils that allow us to perfume our cleaning solutions, providing our senses with a pleasant olfactory experience, favouring the care of our environment and nature.



In recent decades, the evolution of Western lifestyles has generated an ecological social conscience that has resulted in a new form of consumption: ecological and sustainable consumption. This form of consumption seeks to preserve natural resources for future generations, while reinforcing environmental sustainability and promoting a balanced and healthy life. In response to this, companies have adapted to the demands of the green consumer by developing production processes that contribute to the sustainable development of the economy and society. They have taken up the challenge to manufacture products and develop processes using, wherever possible, renewable materials, natural ingredients and sustainable raw materials.

In this process, Bela Vizago Natural Ingredients becomes a reference ally for all companies and industries that require active principles and natural ingredients and ecological raw materials to be a leading reference in eco-sustainable manufacturing.