Essential oils of vegetable origin 100% pure, natural and organic. Obtained by steam distillation. Volatile and light, they stand out for their aromatic intensity and are widely used in cosmetics, perfumery, pharmacy, food, liquor and confectionery.

We offer the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries the experience to innovate in their formulations through access to new and exotic raw materials, together with traditional ingredients.

Obtained by steam distillation, easily absorbed by the skin and with a penetrating aroma.

They are oils of natural origin that form the odoriferous essences of a large number of flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, seeds and bark of vegetables. They are obtained by steam distillation. The essential oils obtained are responsible for transmitting the natural properties from which they come, by means of applications and treatments

The ease of absorption of these oils through the skin, as well as the penetrating aroma they give off, allows the active components to penetrate directly into the body, facilitating the beneficial effects on our organism. Some essential oils have calming and relaxing effects, while others are stimulating and invigorating.


Although their most notable properties are to moisturise and nourish the areas where they are applied, essential oils are highly appreciated for the beneficial effects they produce on the body and soul thanks to their pleasant fragrances, giving rise to a therapeutic trend of their own, aromatherapy.

Their uses can be diverse as well as their applications, since essential and pure oils have the versatility to be integrated with other ingredients that result in creams, balms or ointments without losing their natural properties.

In food they are widely used as flavourings and natural flavourings, given their intensity and variety.

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